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Working with an Award-Winning Producer

Lemon Cash has recorded many songs in the past, but working with award-winning producer Jeff Dalziel was a refreshing experience. We visited him earlier this summer to record our soon-to-be-released song “Wine Tonight”. As he was based out of Toronto, Ontario, we spent those few days away from home and were fortunate enough to stay at his house.

We always try to keep in good physical shape while we are on the road. When we first set foot in his house to unpack for our three-day stay, Jeff made a funny remark when we walked in with our yoga mats. We knew right away this was going to be an amusing adventure and process, which it definitely turned out to be.

As musicians, one of the key aspects to success is to find inspiration and convert it into something creative. This not only applies to songwriting, but to performances and recordings as well. Knowing this, Jeff made us feel very comfortable with his unique approach and style to get the best takes from us.

He pulled up a collection of photos of the Caribbean and surrounded the room with this tropical vibe to give us that mindset that we were on vacation somewhere warm. It matched perfectly with the sensation of “Wine Tonight”. He even displayed photos of women in bikinis to get the best takes of Cory's vocals.

After a three-hour long session of singing, Dalziel turned around and shouted "alright boys, nap time! I suggest you go get some rest while I finish up editing these parts because we will be working late." There were no arguments from us, as we’d gladly take nap time, anytime.

Away from the recording studio, Jeff and his wife Maryann welcomed us in their home. Maryann cooked up a storm for us and made sure we were comfortable during our stay. They even let us take a pick of any liquor of choice out of their stash. We won’t specify how much of it we indulged ourselves in; we’ll just say they're short one bottle of tequila.

We have developed a great friendship with Jeff. He always makes himself available to provide us with advice and recommendations when we're stumped with career path challenges. We have learned much from him and have definitely grown as artists. There's no doubt in our minds that we will be back in the same room as Jeff working and creating magic again.

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